| J.C. Thompson Building

Here you will find many interesting figures captured on camera. This is from all tours given at the building up to this point. The pictures will be updated as we hold more tours.

1,2 The images of the figure in the doorway were only edited to negative in the first photo, in that you can see the image of the figure clearly.

3. The hallway of the upstairs apartment,

4. The shadow figure was captured in the Basement of the building by a member of G12P, a paranormal investigation team out of Columbiana County. The original photo was dark and the only edit of the photo was to lighten the image up.

5. This was taken with a cell phone camera on the second floor leading to the Brothel area.

6. The figure in white was taken in the Truckers Union Offices. This area and upstairs apartment in the same part of the building were involved in the 1950s fire that destroyed half of the block around the Thompson Building.

7,8 There are two images of figures standing in windows on the third floor. The black and white image was taken in 2009, the second image was taken in 2014. This area of the building is known as the Brothel area. Many groups have captured wonderful EVP recordings in this area.

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